Vacuum Repairs

It's amazing how quickly your house becomes dusty if your Vacuum Cleaner isn't picking up properly. Over recent years Vacuum Cleaners have become complicated devices, with a variety of allergy filters and suction hoses to suit every nook and cranny. Yet if they're not picking up properly, it'll only be a few days before you notice a real difference.

Despite good user guides on how to look after these devices they can still be very fiddly with a number of hidden and hard-to-get-to places where problems can occur.

If you're comfortable repairing them, then we can simply supply you with spare parts and consumables such as filters that we usually have in stock.

If you'd rather we repaired it for you, our engineers know vacuum cleaners inside out, and will be able to carry out a fast repair for you.

All our work is backed by our cast-iron Guarantee.  Just ask for details.

The cost to repair your vacuum is just £20 plus any parts.  If you live in the Gloucester area, for just a small £5 charge we can arrange collection and delivery at a time to suit you .. so no waiting in and having to take time off work!

If you need some advice or help, please call us on 01452 730674 or fill in the form opposite