4 Ways to Damage Your Electrical Appliances without even Trying

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Blog

Electrical appliances can be deadly.  We see it all the time here at Power Point – fridges on the blink, ovens suddenly stop working, washing machines give up the ghost!  More often than not, it’s usually one of 4 reasons that have damaged your appliance, and you may not even realise it!  Here are the main reasons appliances get damaged:

  1. Poor condition of your electrical system
  2. Poor installation of your electrics
  3. Power Surges
  4. Lack of annual maintenance

Poor condition of your electrical system damages electrical appliances

As your house ages, so do the systems that work within it.  Electrical wiring can deteriorate, exposing dangerous wiring, the insulation can wear out, connections can loosen and electrical outputs can die.  All of these faults are extremely dangerous and need urgent attention.  It’s a shocking statistic that 51% of house fires are as a result of electrical faults on heating systems, wiring or faulty appliances.  And most of the time, we don’t even know about it!

Poor installation of your electrical system damages electrical appliances

We all like to save a few quid here and there, but cost cutting on your electrical installation is simply asking for trouble.  You may consider yourself a bit of a DIY superhero, but electrical installations should be done by a professional, experienced and qualified electrician only.  They’re insured, know what they’re doing and above all, they install electrics that are SAFE and fit for purpose.

The biggest problem we see is in the wiring being faulty, usually from ungrounded wires (3 prongs v 2 prong plugs) and inadequately protected wiring.  The damage that can occur from a poorly installed electrical system can be devastating, not only to your appliances, but to the safety of you and your family. So, if you’re not a qualified, experienced electrician, we sincerely urge you not to try to install your own electrical system. PLEASE!

Power Surges damage electrical appliances

Most electrical systems have built in safety features that cut the supply of power when there is a fault or power surge.  Safety features include tripping and breaking the circuit.  It can break the circuit in your entire system or it can trip the circuit to a certain part of your system – lights, for example.

Surges are caused by faulty appliances, in the main.  Rubbish or worn out wiring being the main culprit.  80% of power surges are internally generated, so it’s important that you keep your appliances in tip top condition.  If they’re faulty, they cause power surges, which in turn, damages other appliances.

Frequent surges are really bad for all appliances, so do yourself a favour – if you don’t want your laptop to suddenly die a death, then keep your appliances in good nick and consider installing a power surge protector.

Lack of Annual Maintenance damages electrical appliances

Finally, it is pretty obvious that a lack of annual maintenance will almost certainly lead to damage to your appliances in the long term.  If you take the time to check them regularly and repair them immediately, then they should last much longer, save you time, money, and most importantly of all, the safety of you and your family.

Electrical appliances and installations can be deadly if not maintained or looked after.  We urge everyone to check their appliances and electrical installations annually.

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