5 Key Steps to Clean a Refrigerator

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Blog

stored safely and hygienically.  Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

I always recommend planning a regular cleaning schedule and sticking to it.  In the case of your refrigerator it also pays to run your eye over the interior on a daily basis so that you can clean up any spillages as soon as possible.

When it comes to cleaning products I favour natural products whenever possible.  Ordinary baking soda, for instance, is fantastic at removing stains and also absorbing any unpleasant odours.

White vinegar is excellent for cleaning stainless steel including whole doors if you have a stainless steel fridge.  It is usually advisable to try a small area first to check there are no adverse effects.

Under no circumstances is it advisable to use bleach or disinfectant in a refrigerator.  They contain very strong chemicals which could make people ill.

Some general kitchen cleaning products, such as surface wipes infused with citrus oils are usable but avoid any other products.

Key steps to clean a refrigerator:

1.    Remove all food and containers from the refrigerator.  It sounds obvious I know but many people try to clean around items.  By removing them you can access all corners and surfaces.
2.    Take out the drawers and shelves and soak with warm water with dishwashing soap.  Rinse and wipe clean before returning them to the refrigerator.
3.    Wipe all internal surfaces with warm water with dishwashing liquid.
4.    If you encounter stubborn stains use baking soda to remove them.  Apply a mixture of soda and a little water and leave for an hour or so before wiping clean with a damp sponge or cloth.
5.    If you do use commercial cleaning products be sure to read the instructions and follow them carefully.

The result should be a sparkling tidy and safe refrigerator!