Avoid Fridge Freezer Ventilation Problems!

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Blog

The problem can take several months or even years to take effect but when it does you may find that the unit is beyond repair.

Airflow is a crucial factor for the efficiency and longevity of all refrigeration units.  All fridges, freezers and fridge freezers are essentially heat exchange units.  They draw in air from the surrounding environment and make the air inside the cavity of the fridge cool by way of a heat exchange unit.  The heated air generated by the process must also be safely expelled.

A good airflow and supply of cool air is therefore vital to the unit; if it can’t draw in cool air it cannot work.  The cool air is usually drawn into the unit through holes or vents located at the bottom of the unit, while the hot air is expelled through holes at the side or rear.

Should these vents become blocked, then heat will build up inside the unit, leading to a longer cooling period which will cost you money in terms of running time.  It may also lead to the compressor overheating and possible insulation problems.  Ultimately it can lead to the unit breaking down completely.

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