Bacteria that Lurks on your Kitchen Appliances!

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Blog

routinely wash our hands and avoid cross contamination when preparing our food.

Nevertheless, the kitchen remains the home of much bacterial matter. After the sponge, the items in the kitchen with the most germs are usually the sink and cutting board so these need regular cleaning.

Here are the places on your other kitchen appliances that attract and support bacteria.

• Appliance handles. Bacteria loves to lurk in the places your cleaning spray doesn’t reach, such as the backs of appliance handles. Make sure you regularly and thoroughly clean the handles of your ovenfridge and dishwasher.
• Refrigerator compartments for meat and veg. There are some pretty smart fridges out there these days but nobody has invented one yet that will clean itself. Vegetable and meat drawers can harbour some of the most dangerous of bacteria, from salmonella to E.coli. Make sure you give them a good, thorough clean.
• Can openers. Electric can openers in particular are likely to collect grime around the circular ring that actually cuts the can open. In addition, they can be difficult to clean. Nevertheless, they can be home to lots of nasty bacteria so make the effort and clean it properly.
• Ice machines. Some people believe that because their ice maker is in a freezer bacteria cannot breed there. Wrong! Every time you put your hand in there you risk passing on bacteria. Keep it clean.

So follow a regular regime of cleaning your appliances and stay safe.