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Posted on in Appliance Repairs
How to Clean your Washing Machine!

I am often asked if there is an easy way to keep washing machines clean.  I’m pleased to say that there is!

Front loading washing machines are by far the most popular type of washing machine in the UK.  They do have a tendency to harbour unpleasant odours, however, and can accumulate mould.  A monthly clean will avoid these problems and have your clothes cleaner into the bargain! 

You may already have the ingredients I am suggesting.  If not, they won’t cost you much.  Some people recommend bleach but my way is a more eco-friendly way of achieving the same thing.

What you need:

• 2 cups of vinegar

• ¼ cup of bicarbonate of soda

• ¼ cup of water

• A sponge scourer

How it works:

1. Mix the bicarbonate of soda together with the water in a small bowl.  This is the effective detergent for cleaning your machine.  Pour the vinegar into a separate measuring jug.

2. Pour the bicarbonate of soda mix into the detergent drawer of your machine.  The vinegar should be poured into the drum.  Set the machine for a normal wash at the highest temperature.  Close the door, press ‘start’ and let it do its work.  The combined mixtures break up any mould and deposits while cleaning the machine.

3. Use a clean scourer to wipe off any stubborn deposits, especially around the door opening.  Finally, wipe round again with clean water. 

Repeat once a month and I’ll bet you will see many years of fresh and clean clothes!

For repairs, sales, service and spares, not just for your washing machine but for all your white goods throughout Gloucestershire, contact the friendly team at Power Point on 01452 730874 or visit our website


Posted on in Appliance Repairs
Keep Your Machine Clean!

Washing machines are very often the most hard-working of your kitchen appliances.  They need some simple maintenance to keep them working to their optimum.
Follow these five tips to keep your washing machine clean and in tip top working order.

•    Keep the detergent drawer clean.  Detergent drawers can be a haven for all sorts of germs and mould which tend to lurk around the old dried and crusted remains of your washing powder.  Remove the entire drawer section if possible and scrub and scour with an old toothbrush and some domestic cleaning liquid.

•    Keep the filter clear.  All too often it gets blocked and this warm and humid place is an ideal home to breed germs.  Take out the filter and clear out all the fluff and grime.

•    Keep the drum clean.  You may well have a tub clean function on your washing machine.  If you do, you should run the tub clean cycle every three to four months.  If you don’t have that function then every three to four months do a wash on 90 or 95 degrees with a plastic cup full of soda crystals in the drawer where you would normally put the washing powder, but with nothing in the drum.  This will kill any bacteria lurking in the pipes and also freshen up the drum during the process.

•    Avoid bad odours.  Remember to leave the door of the machine open after a wash so that the air can circulate and eliminate any germs.

•    Use the right detergent.  It is thought that extra suds and liquid softeners may contribute to bad smells and mould.

For repairs, sales, service and spares, not just for your washing machine but for all your white goods throughout Gloucestershire, contact the friendly team at Power Point on 01452 730874 or visit our website

Powerpoint Raise Money “Fore” Charity!

It’s not all work, work, work at Gloucester’s Power Point.  They like to play as well, and golf is their chosen game.

The electrical appliance experts recently switched from electric irons to golf irons, entering a team at a Charity Golf Day at Tewkesbury Park Hotel to help raise funds for the James Hopkins Trust for special children.   

The Trust was set up in 1989 to provide practical help to families with severely disabled, life threatened or life limited young children aged five and under living in Gloucestershire.  They have been able to help over 350 children throughout the county and have amassed a staggering total of over 150,000 hours of free nursing for those who need it most.

A total of twenty-one teams from local businesses took part and a thoroughly good time was had by all.  Power Point’s team for the day comprised (left to right) Sarah Pengelly-Jones, Martin Lea, Paul Fivash, Carol Hannis, Josh Fivash and Louise Fivash.  

The result was a fantastic total of £9,000 was raised for the Trust.  

Best of all – Power Point didn’t finish last!

For repairs, sales, service and spares for all your white goods throughout Gloucestershire, contact the friendly team at Power Point on 01452 730874 or visit their website


Posted on in Appliance Repairs
Need Urgent Repairs?  Don’t Panic!

Gloucester’s Power Point is used to dealing with urgent repairs to all manner of white goods.  We aim to attend as soon as possible and carry out the repair with the minimum of fuss to enable you to get back to work smoothly and efficiently.

We are especially responsive when businesses are involved.  Do you run one of these businesses?

• Care home

• Hotel

• Restaurant 

• College or school

Power Point knows that your clients and customers rely on you providing an efficient service.  Recently we have introduced a system of rapid response appliance repairs to assist you as we know the distress and upheaval such emergencies can cause.  

Under this service we will:

• Accept your instructions by email

• Assign an engineer to the job as a priority

• Guarantee all workmanship

• Invoice on 30 day terms

In addition, if the appliance is beyond repair and you instruct Power Point to replace it, we will waive the call out fee for the job.  We will also arrange to deliver and install the new appliance and dispose of the old one for you too.

So for repairs, sales, service and spares for all your white goods throughout Gloucestershire, contact the friendly team at Power Point on 01452 730874 or visit our website


Not Sure What Groceries You Need?  Ask Your Fridge!

Top of the range hi-tech appliances are already using smart technology to revolutionise the way we live.  

These smart appliances can tell you what ingredients you have, select a suitable recipe and then cook it perfectly for you.  Some will even let you know when they are not working properly and tell you what spare parts are required. 

Here are some examples of smart technology at work in the kitchen:

Smart Refrigerator.  How about a refrigerator that has a built-in 15” HD ready LCD screen and control centre?  Watch a cooking programme on TV or surf the net for recipes in the comfort of your kitchen.  Some makes will tell you what they currently have in them and, based on your usual stock, prepare a shopping list for you.  Still not enough?  Okay, they will also send it to the supermarket!

Internet Controlled Refrigerator/Oven.  This little beauty can be programmed to refrigerate and then cook your meal so that it is ready for you to dish up when you get home from work.  You can use any internet device to communicate with it and turn on the built-in timer, switching from refrigerator mode to oven.  It doesn’t do the washing up, though.

Barcode Scanning Microwave.  This microwave is able to read the barcode on your ready meal to determine its nature and size.  It sifts through over 4,000 pre-programmed barcodes in its memory before cooking at the correct temperature for the recommended time.  The next generation model will probably eat it for you too!

Smart Laundry Appliances.  Smart washers and dryers are currently being developed that will do everything except fold the laundry.  When connected, they will be able to send text or internet messages to your devices and even pop a message on your TV screen to let you know the cycle is complete.  You will be able to start and stop cycles using your phone, tablet or computer.

No matter how smart our hi-tech appliances get, you can guarantee that at some stage they will break down.  Don’t forget that for all your repairs, sales, service and spares for all your white goods throughout Gloucestershire, the friendly team at Power Point are available on 01452 730874 or visit our website