Common American Fridge Freezer Problems!

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Blog

is not ‘fake news’!

Also known as side by side freezers, these appliances are a common sight in UK kitchens these days. As summer seems to have finally arrived, here are some common faults that can occur with American fridge freezers:

• It isn’t cooling properly – well, we don’t want puddles of melted ice cream on the kitchen floor! The two most likely reasons are either thermostat failure or a faulty compressor. This is a job for our expert engineers so give us a call to arrange a convenient time for a visit.
• It seems to be leaking – this could be quite a simple thing, even just a spillage in the fridge. Alternatively, take a look at the defrost tray. It may be damaged or just overfull. If the problem persists, call out our engineer.
• It is overheating – in almost all cases this is because of a faulty thermostat. Our engineers have plenty of experience dealing with this problem and will have it running smoothly again for you in no time.

So if you are in the Gloucestershire area and are having problems with your American fridge freezer give us a call on 01452 730874 and we’ll have an engineer sent out to help.