Diagnosing Cooker Hood Problems

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Blog

Effectively, they each comprise of just four main elements:

• Motor, which draws the cooker air and smells into the hood to expel them to the exterior of the building.

• Lamp holders which house the …

• Light bulbs.

• Control switch, which controls the motor and the lights.

That is basically it, but that still leaves four things that could potentially go wrong.

The most common fault is the hood lights failing.  Most cooker hood bulbs are designed for light use so they should not be left on all the time.  If your bulbs are popping regularly this is the probable cause.  The simple answer is to turn the light off when not in use.

Alternatively, there may be a poor connection between the lamp holder and the bulb.

If the lights are left on for long periods, this can also affect the lamp holders.  These are usually made of plastic and can be susceptible to melting.

Another common fault is the control module or switch.  Contacts and relays are liable to blow or tracks may lift.

The motor is the least likely item to fail.  It does happen but only rarely.  The fault will usually be the main control board or switches.

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