Dishwasher Trends!

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Blog

from it – they are being recognised as an essential kitchen appliance.

Many people, though, still see a dishwasher as non-essential. They consider them wasteful in terms of water and energy and will often claim they cannot fit one into their kitchen, already overcrowded with appliances.

In fact, some 40% of households already have a dishwasher and the signs are that sales are improving steadily.

One reason is that millennial customers see them as a kitchen essential. Younger people have often grown up with one in their family home and cannot envisage life without one.

So are the arguments about energy inefficiency and size insurmountable? Not any more, as manufacturers have wised up to these supposed problems.

Take efficiency for example. These days many new models use just 6 litres of water per wash, making them much more energy efficient than washing by hand.

Manufacturers have also begun challenging the size issue. There are now a range of dishwashers that are just 450mm wide, the width of an average sized tea towel.

Another big benefit over hand washing is the time saved when you simply have to load the machine and turn it on. And to prove manufacturers are fully on trend many new models are connected and can be operated by devices such as Alexa and Google Home, as well as bespoke apps on your tablet or phone.

So it is little wonder that dishwashers are experiencing the strongest growth of all domestic appliances.

And I promise not to blog about them again next month!