Heatwave? American Fridge Freezers

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Blog

been the introduction of those double fridge freezersfrom the United States. In the current heatwave, they are a positive boon for storing the extra salads, drinks and ice cream we have all been busy buying to try and keep cool.

American style fridge freezers are now a common sight in many UK kitchens. However, even American designed goods can go wrong possibly leaving food spoiled beyond use.

If you are experiencing problems with your American fridge freezer do not hesitate to contact us and we will have one of our expert fridge freezer repairengineers with you as soon as possible, at your convenience.

Common American Fridge Freezer Problems

• My American fridge freezer is overheating –a faulty thermostat is the most likely cause. Fortunately our fridge freezer repair engineers have years of experience and will soon solve the problem and have your appliance running smoothly again.

• My American fridge freezer appears to be leaking – the obvious thing to look for first is a spillage of some kind. If that does not appear to be the case then it may be the defrost tray is damaged or overfull.

• My American fridge freezer isn’t cooling properly – once again it is probably the result of a thermostat failure. Alternatively it could be a faulty compressor relay. Our expert fridge freezer repair engineers can easily establish what the problem really is and solve it for you.

If your American fridge freezer needs a repair or has broken down, get in touch with us on 01452 730874. We will arrange for one of our fridge freezer repair engineers to visit at a time convenient to you.

We wouldn’t want your ice cream to melt now would we!