How Clean is Your Washing Machine?

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Blog

Here are five tips to keep your washing machine clean.

1. Clean the detergent drawer.  Believe it or not, this can be a haven for germs and mould, lurking amongst the dried and crusted washing powder remains.  Take out the entire drawer section if you can and scour with an old toothbrush and domestic cleaning liquid.

2. Unblock the filter.  This is a warm and humid place, ideal for germs to breed.  Remove the filter and empty out any fluff and grime.

3. Clean the drum.  It may be that you have a tub clean function on your washing machine.  If so, you should run the tub clean cycle every three to four months.  If you don’t have that function then every three to four months simply do a wash on 90 or 95 degrees with a plastic cup full of soda crystals in the drawer where you would normally put the washing powder.  Put nothing in the washing machine drum itself.  This then kills any bacteria lurking in the pipes and will freshen up the drum too.

4. Avoid bad odours.  Leave the door of the machine open after a wash to enable the air to circulate and eliminate any germs, as well as odours.

5. Use the right detergent.  It is thought that extra suds and liquid softeners may contribute to bad smells and mould.

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