Is Your Garage Too Cold For Your Fridge Freezer?

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Blog

are naturally very cold during the winter months, but surely that’s a good thing isn’t it?  Regrettably not as far as your fridge freezer is concerned.  Let us explain:

Combined fridge freezers usually only have one thermostat which is generally located within the fridge section.  When the ambient temperature of the room the unit is located in falls to freezing, the thermostat in the fridge may well turn off.  If the temperature remains around freezing for a few hours then the thermostat will remain off and not come back on as the fridge compartment is cold enough to do its job.

The problem comes when the thermostat is of for a long period of time.  The unit’s compressor will stop working when the thermostat is off which means that the freezer is not working and will gradually heat up to the ambient temperature of the room.  Although still very cold, this may well not be cold enough to keep food frozen.  The freezer may start to defrost.

Chest freezers should have their own thermostat control so will not be susceptible to the problem.

Any fridge freezers kept in cold environments such as garages, outbuildings or unheated conservatories are liable to this problem in periods of very low temperatures.  If your unit does not have separate thermostats for the fridge and freezer then do be wary.  As an alternative, you might consider purchasing a separate fridge and freezer, each of which should have their own thermostats.

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