Not Sure What Groceries You Need? Ask Your Fridge!

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Blog


These smart appliances can tell you what ingredients you have, select a suitable recipe and then cook it perfectly for you.  Some will even let you know when they are not working properly and tell you what spare parts are required.

Here are some examples of smart technology at work in the kitchen:

• Smart Refrigerator.  How about a refrigerator that has a built-in 15” HD ready LCD screen and control centre?  Watch a cooking programme on TV or surf the net for recipes in the comfort of your kitchen.  Some makes will tell you what they currently have in them and, based on your usual stock, prepare a shopping list for you.  Still not enough?  Okay, they will also send it to the supermarket!

• Internet Controlled Refrigerator/Oven.  This little beauty can be programmed to refrigerate and then cook your meal so that it is ready for you to dish up when you get home from work.  You can use any internet device to communicate with it and turn on the built-in timer, switching from refrigerator mode to oven.  It doesn’t do the washing up, though.

• Barcode Scanning Microwave.  This microwave is able to read the barcode on your ready meal to determine its nature and size.  It sifts through over 4,000 pre-programmed barcodes in its memory before cooking at the correct temperature for the recommended time.  The next generation model will probably eat it for you too!

• Smart Laundry Appliances.  Smart washers and dryers are currently being developed that will do everything except fold the laundry.  When connected, they will be able to send text or internet messages to your devices and even pop a message on your TV screen to let you know the cycle is complete.  You will be able to start and stop cycles using your phone, tablet or computer.

No matter how smart our hi-tech appliances get, you can guarantee that at some stage they will break down.  Don’t forget that for all your repairssales, service and spares for all your white goods throughout Gloucestershire, the friendly team at Power Point are available on 01452 730874 or visit our website