Solutions to Washing Machines Problems

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Blog

to most makes of washing machine.  The trick is to have the problem dealt with as soon as possible to prevent serious long term damage.

Here are three typical problems:

1. Your washing machine starts making an unusual noise.  Now it is quite easy to ignore it if the wash seems to be continuing as normal, but that may only make matters worse in the long run.  Far better to contact Power Point straight away so that they can correct the problem and save you expensive repairs or replacement further down the line.

2. The soap drawer will benefit from regular cleaning.  Every two weeks or so, give the soap drawer a good clean to maintain its efficiency.  It also pays to remove the drawer and clean the area it sits in.  An old toothbrush and detergent will do the trick.  Once you have finished, run a rinse cycle to remove any dirt and debris that may have been dislodged in the cleaning process.

3. Black and smelly seals on your washing machine?  Don’t panic!  This is a common problem and is easily dealt with.  Contact Power Point and give them the make and model number and they will be round to fit new seals for you, quickly and simply.  To prolong the life of your seals, remember to leave the door of the machine ajar when not in use and wipe the seals dry after running a cycle.

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