How to Reduce Damage to your Glass or Ceramic Cooktop

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Blog

Keeping your glass or ceramic cooktop looking and working at its best is essential for getting the most out of your appliance.

There are many everyday habits that you have, that you may not realise can cause damage to your cooker top! These small habits can all add up and leave you with a cooker top that you are unhappy with.

Here are our expert tips on how to reduce the damage to your glass and ceramic cooker tops…


1.      Use the appropriate cookware.

There are a few things you should look out for when choosing the right cookware for your cooktop. When looking for the best material of cookware for your cooker top, look for cookware that is made from weighted aluminium, titanium and stainless steel. Avoid porcelain enamel and cast iron cookware as over time these can cause scratching on the surface.

Look out for pots and pans with flat bottoms as these are perfect for glass and ceramic cooker tops. They have a completely flat bottom which helps with the even distribution of heat. Any ridges or bumps beneath the pot will cause damage therefore, we encourage that you only use flat bottom pieces of cookware.


2.      Avoid dragging cookware on the cooktop.

It is very easy to slide and drag cookware across the cooktop however, this does not mean you should do it. Dragging cookware across the surface will cause scratching.

To avoid this, simply pick the pot or pan up by the handle and place it wherever you need to place it.

Over time, you may also notice at the bottom of your cookware that a build-up grease has appeared. It is always best to clean this off with the appropriate cleaner otherwise, the grease can cause markings on your cooktop which are hard to remove.


3.      Don’t put too much pressure or weight on the cooktop.

Take extra care when you place or rest things on the cooktop. Although the glass or ceramic may appear strong enough to withhold substantial weight – it isn’t. If you place heavy weight upon the cooktop and later choose to heat it, the glass or ceramic could shatter.

Be careful when placing bakeware on the cooker top surface too, as when it is fresh out of the oven and extremely hot, it could also cause the top to break. Instead, place it on a trivet.


4.      Clean the cooktop appropriately.

When it comes to cleaning your glass or ceramic cooker top, be cautious as to what you clean it with and how you do it. It is always best to use recommended cleaning solutions that are specific for the job or, if it is only a quick clean – use dishwashing soap.

Avoid using any harsh cleaning pads instead, opt for a soft sponge or cloth. Using metal pads or abrasive cleaners will ultimately cause irreversible permanent damage to your cooktop.


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