6 Signs That Your Refrigerator Is In Need of Repair

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Blog

Your refrigerator is easily one of the most essential appliances in the home and so paying close attention to any signs of malfunction or need for repair is extremely important. Not only does the fridge in your home keep perishable items as fresh as possible, but it is also  one of the major conveniences we have available to us. Here then we thought it would be a good idea to give six of the most obvious signs that your fridge is in need of repair.


If your fridge appears as if it is constantly sweating, this is usually the first sign of condensation. Condensation can unfortunately cause mould to build up in your fridge, which can be very harmful to the produce that you might have in there. That can consequently cause health issues for your family.

Excessive heat

If you have noticed that your kitchen is running excessively hot, and the oven isn’t running, then you can start by placing your hands behind your fridge, close to the coils, and check to see if they are overheating without touching them. If they get uncomfortably hot this could be a sign that your motor is producing excessive heat and might need to be replaced.

Food turning bad

If you have noticed that your food is going off before it typically should and items such as beer are taking extra long to go cold, this may be an additional sign that you need to repair your fridge. Taking an excessively long time to reach a proper cooling temperature might lead to an additional cost, since your food might become spoiled, and your electricity bill will consequently go up since it will be operating harder than usual.

Freezer freezing over

Your freezer is ideally designed to freeze your food, but not freeze itself. One of the obvious signs that you need to identify in telling if your freezer is ready to break down is when it’s so frozen that either ice starts forming on the side or the door sticks so that you would literally have to chisel off the ice. If this happens you can start to defrost your freezer by first unplugging it. If the problem continues you need to get a professional.

Fridge passing its life expectancy

All appliances in your home have a lifetime expiration date and your fridge is no different. Certain parts might start to wither away after a given time and eventually the entire fridge becomes useless. It doesn’t matter how well you maintain your fridge; it will eventually pass its expiration date.

This date typically falls around the ten-year mark, but can even reach as much as 20 years in some circumstances. The problem is however that the older the fridge, the more often it needs to be repaired, which subsequently costs more money.

Excessive noise

Fridges are never meant to be completely silent, but you’re ideally not supposed to hear them from across the kitchen either. If you unplug your fridge and the noise continues, call a professional in.

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