Christmas Dinner Disasters!

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Blog

something goes wrong?

I expect you’ve heard the old saying that Christmas dinner it is just a big Sunday roast.  However, it is also a major family occasion where adults will be sitting down to eat awash with alcohol while the kiddies have been stuffing chocolate all morning and are high on the sugar rush.

Don’t forget too that any mishap or break from family tradition will be retold at every future clan gathering.  You certainly don’t want anything going wrong.  But what could?

Here are two common festive disasters and how to remedy them:

The turkey is too big for the oven!

Turkeys are big birds and this is a more common problem than you might think.  Fortunately, you don’t have to borrow next door’s chainsaw to solve it.  Start by taking off the legs.  With a sharp knife cut through the skin where the legs meet the body until you can see the joint.  Then pull the leg away from the body and it should simply pop out of the socket.

The legs can then be cooked separately in a roasting tin, putting them in a half hour or so before the rest of the bird goes in.

I can’t get everything in the fridge!

Luckily it looks like we are in for a cold festive period so you don’t have to keep everything in the fridge.  Keep cheese, salad, veg and dairy products in a cool place such as your garage, porch, conservatory or shed.  Even a car will do at a pinch.  Do ensure that it not accessible by any peckish animals, tame or wild.

I do hope you enjoy your Christmas and we all wish you a prosperous New Year!