6 Unique Smart Kitchen Appliances You Will Love

by | May 13, 2021 | Blog

With the rise of technology, the market has seen an increase in advanced smart kitchen appliances. Although we are yet to see a self-loading dishwasher or washing machine that washes, folds and irons all by itself, it is amazing to see the incredible advances in everyday home appliance technology. Here are 6 unique smart kitchen appliances you will love…


1.    GE Kitchen Hub Smart Range Hood


The Kitchen Hub Smart Range Hood is one of the most exciting smart kitchen appliances. It includes a 27-inch integrated smart-touch screen and ventilation combination that is fitted directly above your oven and acts as a centerpiece of your home. Store recipes, video call, organise tasks and watch entertainment all whilst in the comfort of your own kitchen. The high-powered ventilation system eliminates odours and removes smoke, making the kitchen environment far more pleasant.


2.    GeniCan Scanner


This savvy appliance is an attachable piece for your square or rectangular bin. It uses voice control and scanning technology to add items you dispose of to your personalised shopping list – a brilliant way to avoid the stress of forgetting what you need when you need it. The GeniCan Scanner can be connected to Amazon, allowing orders to be made easily and automatically.


3.    Candy Rapido Washer


Quick and efficient, the Candy Rapido Washer reduces time spent on washing. You can ask the machine for guidance on removing stains, ideal washing conditions and the right temperature for specific materials. All of this can be done through your phone, allowing you to monitor it wherever you may be.


4.    Brava Oven


The Brava Oven uses multiple high-powered lamps, temperature sensors and particle detectors as well as a camera – all of which allow the oven to cook food precisely to perfection. This smart kitchen appliance is a great asset to any kitchen. There is no need to flip, shuffle or stir your food, it is all done for you. What a great way to save time and ease the stress of cooking.


5.    AppKettle


Do you like your coffee or tea to be at the perfect temperature? The AppKettle is perfect at delivering just that. This IOS/Android compatible kettle is voice-activated and accessed through either Amazon Alexa or your phone via their app. The AppKettle also accurately displays the water temperature, which is a brilliant feature for all sorts of reasons one of which is milk bottles. Baby milk bottles need to be boiled to the bottle requirements, the AppKettle does just that.


6.    Melitta Barista TS Smart


One of the most sophisticated smart kitchen appliances that all coffee enthusiasts need is the Melitta Barista TS Smart, which boasts a brilliant feature of full control through your mobile phone. The variety of coffee specialities, Aromasafe seal and automatic cleaning feature all contribute towards the usability appeal of this smart kitchen appliance.


These advanced smart kitchen appliances not only aid in convenience, but also provide remote alerts, intelligent cooking, and energy monitoring. These appliances have allowed the kitchen to become an important and well-connected space within everyday life.


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