Top 10 Washing Machine Mistakes to Avoid!

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Blog

life of a washing machine. Whilst not necessarily ensuring that your machine will last for many more years, there are some simple steps that can be taken which will prevent it getting damaged during the normal wash cycle.

Here are the Top 10 mistakes that many of us make every time we put a load in our machine:

1. Leaving zippers unzipped. It is easily done when piling the washing in to the machine. However, zippers can wreak untold damage to delicate clothing if washed together. Zip the zippers to prevent any such damage.
2. Including ‘dry clean only’ items. It really does matter to many items that they are dry cleaned only – that’s what the label is for. If they go in the general wash you can ruin them. Always read the label.
3. Where did that sock go? The chances are you either didn’t put it in or it has got stuffed into a sleeve or similar. To be certain, put the socks in the machine first and in pairs.
4. Using too much detergent. Believe it or not, too much detergent can actually lead to dirt being caught up in hard to reach places in your clothing and lead to possible bacterial build-ups. Using less detergent avoids this problem and also saves you money.
5. Buttoned up shirts. You may think you are protecting your machine by putting buttoned up shirts in the wash but you actually run the risk of the buttons falling off as more stress is put upon the button hole stitching.
6. The order you fill your top loader. If you use a top loading machine you may fall prey to filling it with water, then adding the soap powder before loading in the clothes. The correct way is to put the laundry in first, then water and finally the detergent.
7. Not cleaning your machine. A washing machine requires cleaning and you should clean the lint filter at least annually. You do this by removing any fluff, rinsing it and leaving it to dry before replacing.
8. Not running back to back dryer cycles. If you run a dryer cycle straight after another it means the machine will warm up faster. This dries the second load more efficiently and is more energy efficient.
9. Having your machine on an uneven floor. If your washing machine is not on an even surface it may damage your floor as well as itself. Your machine may well have adjustable screws on its feet to help avoid this problem.
10. Not studying the permanent press cycle options. It is definitely worthwhile taking some time to study the different programme options available on your machine. If you have a load including many synthetic fibres, for example, the permanent press cycle can reduce the risk of fading, shrinking and wrinkling.

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