Uncover the Best Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2022

by | May 17, 2022 | Blog

Taking a look at the best kitchen appliance trends for 2022 can give us a strong indication of what’s currently popular and might even inspire some of our own choices, which is never a bad thing. It can be extremely helpful to take a look at what’s hot right now – even if some of the choices surprise you! Kitchen remodels in particular are exceedingly popular right now, and the way kitchens are being designed is changing too. With the introduction of modern technological design techniques we are seeing new, revolutionary ways of making your kitchen more convenient and operationally improved. So read on to find out some more about the best kitchen appliance trends for the coming year!

Steam ovens

One of the fastest growing kitchen appliance trends comes in the form of the steam oven. Steam is a fantastically versatile form of heat, helping to both sanitise and power many of our everyday household appliances. Steam ovens allow us to cook dishes that are absolutely loaded with flavour, while also retaining the all-important nutrients from the ingredients.

If you’re looking for an appliance that does not sacrifice heat for your health, try a steam oven!


The ability for modern kitchen appliances to sync up with a wireless Bluetooth device is becoming more commonplace than it was previously. You will no longer need to rely on long wait times when preheating the oven or old oven timers. Certain fantastically state-of-the-art appliances allow you to sync up with your microwave or other appliances that are able to connect. It can also automatically turn on the lights when it’s being used.

Finger touch

Finger swipe and touch controls are going to be become utilised in almost every kitchen appliance imaginable. These controls will replace knobs and give you a glimpse into the developing technological world that we live in. They work through electromagnetic forms of heat, rather than the standard field heat.


Many kitchen appliances are being manufactured with wi-fi, so that you can connect your smartphone wirelessly with your kitchen appliances. This included feature would allow you to control everything in your kitchen from the comfort of your phone, such as timing and temperature for appliances like your ovens or microwaves!


What we drink is seemingly just as important as what we eat. This is why many people are now going with built-in filter water dispensers. These are fantastically ideal for the family home too because they ensure your children are only receiving the healthiest, purest water available. Another bonus feature of this is that you will be saving on all the plastic disposable bottles that would be wasted. Having filtered water available to you every time you walk into the hose is a massive benefit to everyone living there!


Two kitchens should not look alike, but many unfortunately do. This latest trend is seeing forms of personalisation enter the kitchen appliance industry. This usually involves finding some special pieces that will help you effectively personalise your space. This could be custom colour appliances that make your kitchen stand out when compared to others. You could also, for example, configure your cooking setup and surface with an array of specialised, functioning units to suit your own unique cooking style.

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