Washing Machines Causing a Stink in Gloucester!

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Blog

environmentally friendly detergents in our washing machines.  Unfortunately, this can have a seriously detrimental effect on those machines and cause an unpleasant stench into the bargain!

Machines these days often suffer from build ups of grease and bacteria which can be the root of unpleasant smells as well as rotting hoses and door seals and causing spin failure.

This issue has arisen since the introduction of environmentally friendly detergents together with recommended washes of 40 degrees.  Contributing factors also include poor quality detergents, not using the recommended quantities or liquid detergents which do not contain bleach.  These can all result in a build-up of bacteria and subsequent noxious odours.

Can anything be done to combat the problem? Here are some possible solutions:

Hot water – not many people use hot washes any more but hot water can kill bacteria and can cut down build ups of grease. Try putting your machine on a boil cycle (90 or 95 degrees) with no laundry. You may need to do this a couple of times for success – or for better results try adding …

Soda Crystals – can dissolve built up grease deposits. Put half a packet in the drum and run a boil cycle. Alternatively follow the instructions on the packet.

Vinegar– put half a cup of white distilled vinegar into an empty machine and run a boil cycle.

Also some newer machines have a Tub Clean function – if your machine has this then we recommend it is run regularly (once a month) to keep the machine fresh & clean.

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